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International Air Guide: Airports Alphabetical Index: The Reference Book on Civil and Commercial Aviation, 1931
International Air Guide
Airports Alphabetical Index
The Reference Book on Civil and Commercial Aviation, 1931

Imprimerie Crété
Reprint of the First Edition 1931
ISBN 978-1-5430-2191-2

The International Air Guide was published in 1931. 440 pages contain all international airports, aerodromes and airfields. Any large airport, but also any little-known airfield, is described in detail. In most cases, this description also includes a historical aeronautical chart and aerodrome map with reference to the corresponding coordinates, radio frequencies and special geographical blockades. This book is a reprint of the first edition published in 1931, including the chapter "Airports Alphabetical Index". For those who are interested in aeronautics and in aviation history, and for those, who want to locate vanished or abandoned airfields, the International Airport Guide is a perfect tool. The International Air Guide is available as paperback book on (USA) and on (United Kingdom).

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