While I was staying at the flight school I ask myself, how to orientate in the air. When flying along the airfield's traffic pattern or flying in the near of my home base, navigation with a compass or visual positioning does not run into problems. But I wonder, what will happen to any student pilot when absolving cross-country flights. Certainly, there are aeronautical charts and aeronautical information publication (AIP) to orientate oneself in an aircraft. And, contrariwise to the old-school "paper and chart method", there are GPS and air navigation systems, today. In this context the intrinsic question is posed, what charts the famous pioneers and engineers of general aviation, especially the first pilots in history, did use for navigation? The search for historical aeronautical charts and for literature becomes more interesting for me. So I became something like an aviation historian.

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My litte bibliography about aviation and aeronatical charts
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Der Zeitraum des Beginns der Luftfahrt-Kartographie
Bibliography 1784 - 1914
PDF document: 0,3 MByte
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Der Zeitraum des militärischen Provisoriums in der Luftfahrt-Kartographie
Bibliography 1914 - 1918
PDF document: 0,1 MByte
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Die Zeit des Ausbaus der Luftfahrt-Kartographie zwischen den beiden Weltkriegen
Bibliography 1918 - 1939
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Der Zeitraum der Luftfahrt-Kartographie im Zweiten Weltkrieg
Bibliography 1939 - 1945
PDF document: 0,2 MByte
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Luftfahrt-Kartographie nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg (ICAO)
Bibliography 1945 - 1960
PDF document: 1,3 MByte