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Helicopter Routes in the London Control Zone

In aviation, an Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is a publication containing aeronautical information of a lasting character essential to air navigation. It is designed to be a manual containing thorough details of regulations, procedures and other information pertinent to flying aircraft in the particular country to which it relates. The structure and contents of an AIP are standardized and normally have three parts: GEN (general), ENR (en route) and AD (aerodromes). Those documents contain many charts; most of these are in the AD section where details and charts of all public aerodromes are published.

An AIP is usually issued by or on behalf of the respective civil aviation administration. But there are also military flight information publications, abbreviated as MIL AIP. One special publication is the “Flight Information Publication”, issued by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). It contains, inter alia, VFR Arrival and Departure Routes in Europe and air traffic control procedures. One example that is presented on this website are the civil and military air control arrangements in the London Area, especially the Helicopter Routes in the London Control Zone, as published in 1984 by the Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center, St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

Helicopter Routes in the London Control Zone - Military Aeronautical Information Publication (MIL AIP) - VFR Arrival and VFR Departure Routes published in 1984 by the United States Department of Defense

London Control Zone (MIL AIP 1984)

Legend - Helicopter Routes in the London Control Zone (MIL AIP)

Legend (MIL AIP)

Helicopter Route Description - London Control Zone 1984

London Control Zone - Helicopter Route Description 1984

General Information and Air Traffic Control Procedures

Military Aeronautical Information Publication

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